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VIPEQ Canada | Thermal Corskshield

VIPEQ Canada Thermal Corkshield™

A sprayed insulated cork product

Applied to the exterior of homes and buildings

Cork is a natural fire retardant and is mold and water-resistant. It also provides a thermal barrier, keeping the outside elements outside. Corskshield is flexible, durable and adheres to any surface. Including wood, brick, metal, steel, stucco, and aluminum.

Thermal Corkshield™ can even be applied directly over shingles. The great part about the Thermal Corkshield™ is that it works in any kind of environment.

Thermal Corkshield™ is a sprayed on coating comprised of cork and natural polymers. VIPEQ Industries stands behind the Thermal CorkShield™ name. Thermal CorkShield™ is an eco-friendly, sprayed cork material.

Thermal CorkShield™ Offers superior properties compared to stucco and paint. Along with these characteristics:

  • mildew resistant,
  • water-resistant,
  • fire-retardant,
  • acoustical insulation,
  • thermal insulation,
  • flexible,
  • breathable,
  • durable,
  • and more.

Improved Home Exterior

Our product not only lowers utility bills, but it also adds beautiful texture and color. Making your home stand out for years to come.

Lowers Utility Bills

When the cork is applied to the surface of your home, it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the outside elements, outside.

Eliminate Maintenance

Our proprietary formula that was developed over years of research has allowed our product to not only keep the elements out but also hold its shape and color

Where surfaces can THERMAL CORKSHIELD™ be applied?

The applications are endless. From homes, workshops, garages, gymnasiums, boat decks, RV roofs, industrial equipment, and more. Interior and exterior applications include:

  • brick
  • stucco
  • cinder block
  • metal
  • siding
  • glass
  • drywall
  • wood
  • and more

What colors are available for Thermal Corkshield™

There are currently 27 stock colors available. Custom colors are also available. 

Proprietary color pigments are added to Thermal Corkshield™ at the job site. There is less than 1% of fade to the product. Compared to the 5 to 10% fade with most paints.


GREEN GUARD provides spray foam insulation, concrete pad lifting, and thermal cork insulation services. For residential and commercial applications.

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